• 2017 PCCD 07 TS2 0579
  • GTM317 08472TU STS Kopia
  • Porsche 46436


Racedriver from Torshälla (Sweden)

How Henrics interest in racing really started was when he was very little. He remembers when they were on vacation in Sweden. They had rented a scooter to explore the area and found a karting circuit, so every time they went there, he couldn’t wait to get on the scooter to go to the karting track. Henric has an old picture wearing sandals and his dad's sunglasses waving from the kart with the biggest grin on his face, it’s really funny! He even had to fill in the seat with extra padding to reach the pedals!

On the other hand, Motocross is rooted in the family as both Henric's father and grandfather raced motocross before him, but in the end, Henrics passion became racing on four wheels instead of two.

Splitting the time between motocross and karting, gradually more time was spent in a kart, driving on a hobby/club level, and as he had the age, he got a license for auto racing.

After obtaining his racing license, Henric started out his car racing career in Renault Junior Cup, which he won in 2012, and later on also won Clio Cup/JTCC Sweden 2015. That same year he also raced in Clio Cup Central Europe and got home with 3rd overall.


With two championship wins in Sweden under his belt, making the move to Germany in 2017 was a good decision as the opportunity arose.

However, it was not only racing with motorised vehicles that took up Henric's time. He was also a ski racer up until the age of 13, and still likes most things active like biking, surfing, golf and (still) of course, skiing.

2017 PCCD 07 TS2 0579
GTM317 08472TU STS Kopia
GTM317 36946JS STS Kopia
Henke36 Kopia
Henke6 Kopia 2
Porsche 47523 Kopia
Porsche 47539 Kopia
Porsche 47596 Kopia

  • Torswlla
  • Propoint
  • Sparbanken
  • Soederberg
  • Loennbergs
  • Nitton
  • Volvo Truck Center
  • Pwg
  • Saekra
  • Pls
  • Emuge
  • Juniorsweden
  • Gunnars
  • Arver
  • Berglunds
  • Rms
  • Scania
  • Label3
  • Icom
  • Skravsta
  • Dekra


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Henric Skoog


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